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The starting point of K.Otsuki Pearl Co. was the cultivation of pearls. Our founder, Kikuo Otsuki, after graduating from the former Imperial Fisheries Institute (current Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology), established a pearl cultivation farm in Ehime Prefecture in 1930.

He opened office in Kobe in 1935 and started wholesaling and exporting. In 1954, to realize efficiency in the cultivating process, the cultivation department was separated from sales part and it became an affiliated company, Otsuki Cultivating Company.

The company owns more than 10 pearl cultivation farms in the two islands including the main island of Japan. While cultivating superior quality pearls, continuous efforts are constantly made to improve technology in every aspect.

In 1994, we have started full scales cultivation of South Sea pearls in Indonesia.

  • The founder, Kikuo Otsuki
  • Pearl farm in Ehime
    prefecture around 1930
  • Akoya pearl auction graced with the presence of the Emperor and Empress. Kikuo Otsuki made a speech of welcome.
  • South sea pearl farm established in Indonesia in 1994