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Each pearl is unique. There are no two pearls which are the same, just as there is no human being who is exactly like another one. There are six factors we must take in consideration when selecting pearls: size, shape, flaw, coating thickness, color and luster. Selection technique is indispensable in manufacturing pearl jewelry.

Our founder, Kikuo Otsuki's motto was polishing up techniques in cultivating and processing pearls. Otsuki Pearl's present motto is to maintain high technique and improve qualities of our products using high technology in every respect. We have a large number of staff in the selection department who have high skills in distinguishing the six factors of each pearl and matching them to make necklaces, earrings, broaches and others.

The high quality of pearls offered by OTSUKI PEARL is renowned in the world of pearl business, and this owes to our highly advanced selection skill.